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Contact us: Krisztián Németh +36 30 585 85 85 • mikroflexumt-onlinehu


Németh KrisztiánDear Partner!

The horse has had a significant impact on the developement on our civilization for thousand of years. Since the domestication of the horse, there has been a tremendous increase in human mobility. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, with the presence of the internal combustion engines, the horse was pushed into the background as a power generator, but it still an important animal. This noble four-legged friend became our dear friend and partner again in sports and leisure activities.  

We used our experience in the field of equestrian sports and machine manufacturing in the developement and production of our goods.  We have always kept the safety of horses and people in mind during our design and in addition to our standard products we also implement personalized ideas.
We are happy to be at you disposal at the given contact detailes and we hope that you and your noble partner will use our product with satisfaction!

Németh Krisztián
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